Masculine Genius Institute

"Dr. Phillip Chavez is doing pioneer work in the development of authentic men's spirituality.  He has personally led me to a deeper and more profound conversion as a Catholic man. With his unique ability to speak into the hearts and souls of men, he continues to effectively guide men towards an awakening of their own masculine gifts and potential."
- Mark Houck, Founder and President, The King's Men

Masculine Genius Institute was founded “to promote serious presentation and discussion of the work experience, expertise, and research on the natural and supernatural dimensions of manliness in order to further genuine manly development and conduct.” This mission is inspired by the difficulties men face to embrace their identity and mission in the family, in the Church, and in society. Little exists to aid them in genuine masculine character and growth. In answer, experts in selected areas gathered in Mundelein, IL, to deliver papers and participate in discussions on “Forging a Vision of Manliness” in May 2016. Included are 11 fine presentations on manliness with respect to:

  • Ancient Hebraic thought through Genesis
  • Early Greek thinking in Homer’s “Iliud”
  • The institution of Knighthood and practice of chivalry
  • Research in Neurology and Neuroscience
  • Magisterial teaching from Leo XIII to Benedict XV
  • Ideas from the works of St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. John Paul II


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