Spiritual Workout

“Dr Chavez’s ministry has had remarkable impact on my life and on the lives of men I know in Baltimore.  In less than two years since I first attended a talk… I’ve started my own men’s group and several of my friends have taken up the colors in a battle for the Culture of Life"
- Chad GarlandLeader of Warrior Brothers Platoon, former marine

In this 3 CD set, Dr. Phil Chavez offers several points to become a spiritual MVP. To reach effectiveness, he outlines a spiritual playbook that speaks to a man’s heart: daily, weekly, and monthly practices. This includes a structure for the day by which to fit in various devotions.  In addition Dr. Chavez gives some very practical guidelines for a dynamic prayer life. Recognizing the problems men face as regards getting good direction, suggestions put forth with respect to working with a mentor.  In this set you will also learn about:

  • The role and benefits of spontaneous prayer
  • Suggestions for your choice of spiritual reading
  • Why the morning offering is primal in a devout life
  • Importance of knowing gifts and conquering fears
  • Motivations for prayer before and after meals
  • Connecting with the natural desire for mentorship
  • Importance of Sunday rest for success in all areas of life


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