2018 Masculine Genius Institute Topics


2. FAITH FOR LIFE: A Tale of Two Sons
3. THE DATING GAME: For Better or For Best
4. YOUNG LEADERSHIP: Finding the Right Stuff
5. TRUE GRIT: When the Tough Get Going
7. SEXUAL INTEGRITY: The Secrets Young Men Keep
8. MENTORING FOR LIFE: No Man Left Behind
1. SHAPING A FINISHED MAN: The Longest Yard (Dr. Phil Chavez)

 The present Crisis in the Church conjures up questions as to why clergy were not standing up to defend the innocent from sexual assault and abuse. Surely, this is because several manly character traits were not fostered in Catholic schools and Seminaries. Many character traits of the Finished Man will be clearly identified; and how these can be formed in today’s men. You will be introduced to a robust definition of authentic Christian Manliness that is necessary to rebuild the priesthood and laymen for a strong and vibrant Church. The mindset a Finished Man should possess will be explained in order that such Crises never happen again! 


2. FAITH FOR LIFE: A Tale of Two Sons (Terry Barber)

Some elements of religious formation become critical when helping a young man embrace and maintain Faith.  Learn key ideas to form an adolescent male for a devotional life of prayer and worship. Most young men leave the Faith in their early 20’s. Gain insights into the causes that often lead them astray and how these causes could have been prevented. Much support is needful for the young man; yet there should also be clear expectations for fulfilling Faith obligations.


3. THE DATING GAME: For Better or For Best (Timmerie Millington)

As single life increases among adults, you will learn more about what women look for in a man they are not finding. Instead of meeting men who embrace the roles of leader, protector, and provider, women encounter various challenges. You will hear about some of the strengths and weaknesses found in young men today, and factors which improve or impede sound romantic relationships. Find out what problems can be avoided through good formation.


4. YOUNG LEADERSHIP: Finding the Right Stuff (Daryl Sequeira)

Many challenges face the young man in the present day with respect to his disposition and readiness to be a selfless Leader. Methods by which the Leader is formed in the young man will be presented, as well as some of his responsibilities of leadership in family and society. Details will be given on how he may overcome his fears or hesitations to take charge, and how he can Lead for success in the workplace and in family relationships.


5. TRUE GRIT: When the Tough Get Going (Capt. Jerome Lademan)

A young man possesses clear responsibilities as Protector in his family and community; and thus it stands as vital to form him for this role. You will learn about special qualities of the Protector in a Finished Man and how he maintains this role best. Discover the basics about the formation he requires to be a strong Protector, as well as how a man should understand his physical strength in view of the virtues related to this duty.


6. ORGANIZING HIS WORKSPACE: What Really Matters (Joseph Vallone)

In the depth of his being, a young man knows he possesses responsibilities as Provider in his family and community. Pick up important details of the nature of this role, and the education one requires to sustain it.  Learn what consists of a healthy work mindset for a young man and how he can best approach money. While an adolescent is predisposed naturally to use his hands, most are not inclined to the trades: acquire insights into the need for apprenticeship by fathers and mentors.


7. SEXUAL INTEGRITY: The Secrets Young Men Keep (Mark Houck)

While young men are immersed in a pornified world, they require concerted formation to establish a healthy mindset and approach in pursuit of a woman. Receive solid perspectives on what constitutes a healthy practice of chastity and life of virtue in this challenging age. Learn about the kind of help that a young man needs from his mentors and his band of brothers. Ideas will be presented on how young men can deal with compulsion or preoccupation in sexual thoughts and actions.


8. MENTORING FOR LIFE: No Man Left Behind (Dr. Phil Chavez)

At the Closing this Summit, Dr. Chavez will review some of the ideas presented and he will offer several ideas as to how laymen can contribute to the solid development of men. Young men of today require serious mentoring to reach complete manhood. All Men have a duty to make a contribution; every man can make a difference in the Church and in the world in this way. Learn several details on how to offer effective mentoring for Authentic manly maturity—that will uphold any sacrifice for Church, Family, and Society.


The Church needs the contribution of all to rebuild for a solid future!


 Forming the “FINISHED MAN” is a tough endeavor due to present-day complexities; and this renders full male maturation challenging to define.
But THIS IS NECESSARY in view of the present CHURCH CRISIS.
 With such a lack of AUTHENTIC CHRISTIAN MANLINESS in the Clergy and Laity: we are giving ANSWERS to build up the Church with REAL MEN who will defend Her!
 COME TO THIS SUMMIT to get an in-depth look at the difficulties shaping the “finished man” and learn positive practices to bring males to full adult maturity.
This is valuable information if you are a parent, educator, clergy, coach, or involved in any way in the formation of boys. ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND!