The Mens Academy Team

"Keep up your important work, your are doing so much good for so many people."
- Jack Mitchell: KofC General Agent


Meet Dr. Phil Chavez  

Dr. Phil Chavez combines over 25 years of ministry and study behind his work in men's spirituality.

While mentoring men for over two decades, Dr. Chavez’ passion is to help men better navigate life, and so he focuses his teachings on the core pillars of Christian Manliness. We can agree that there is a crisis with manliness today, but we hardly have a complete understanding of it: This is what he is offering.

 Dr. Chavez has a doctorate in Character Development: and approaches his work from a strong theological and philosophical basis, while also looking at some of the latest studies in sociology and neurology. He takes a special interest in looking at the journey of Christ and all the manly figures in Scripture.

 His teaching helps men work through their insecurities, especially as regards their identity and purpose. The material validates men in their struggles and enables clarity in all their relationships. His training gives men the tools and the confidence to reach success in life, work, Faith and family.

He loves the outdoors, photography, classical music, and the combat arts. In addition to speaking and writing, Dr. Chavez works as a life coach helping men and women surmount their hurdles towards success, better relationships, and peace of soul.

"Dr. Chavez has a gift to understand a man’s heart, and more importantly the ability to articulate it in away that inspires men to grow in holiness.  He challenges men to be better men, husbands to be better husbands, fathers to be better fathers. And he does it in away that motivates them to action.  I am grateful for his much needed ministry.  May Christ continue to bless him." 
- Kevin O’Brien, Founder, Men of Christ

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Jason Chavez
Creative Social and Media Production Team

Jason and Merrilee Chavez are T.M.A.'s Creative Social and Media Producers.  They manage TMA online and social media presence; oversee all content programs and live presentations; directs the production and shipping of media resources; and mediates with all contact persons and organizations.  

The Men's Academy Mission and Vision

That men throughout the world be well informed and well trained about their natural and supernatural mission, identity, and journey so they may thrive in authentic Christian manliness.

We offer solid content on Christian Manliness through an internet-based subscription program, live conferences, and audio-visual media. Our training gives men the inspiration and tools to reach success in life, work, Faith and family. The content empowers audiences to move forward with confidence and peace.