Fr. Michael McGivney MP3 Download

Ordained in 1877, Fr. Michael McGivney began his extraordinary parish ministry at St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Connecticut.  In the early 1880's this Founder and Visionary explored possibilities for a dynamic organization to help men find their place in the Church and protect their families. The intrepid Fr. McGivney initiated what has now become the largest fraternal order in the world.                                

In this set you will learn:

  • The dynamic manly qualities of Fr. McGivney
  • Amazing stories of how he ministered to others
  • Ways which McGivney reached men effectively
  • His bold intentions for the Knights of Columbus
  • The service of Knights in the Church and family
  • The battles which Knights are expected to fight
  • How Knights are best formed for Faith and Unity
  • Tips to develop a knightly spirituality


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