Masculine Genius Institute Summit "Boys To Men: Molding Manly Character. July 2017

In this discussion on manliness, the importance of forming boys to men stand as vital. Great challenges face an adolescent male and his journey to complete manly identity. At the MasculineGenius Institute Summit, July 2017, experts delivered presentations offering positive practices for sound formation and integration, particular in the face of current obstacles to full maturation. Topics cover various areas of character training and development and should prove helpful for parents, high school and college educators, parochial formators and clergy. 

Presentations include:

Vital approaches to adolescent male development

Life – changing affects of mentorship in a boys life

Initiation: Father and One' son along "The Way"

Returning to Scouting: For sound Manly formation

Path of Leadership Facing the Young Man

Sport's Impact on a Boys Formation

Forming for integration of Sex Drive

And More....

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Customer Reviews

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