Spiritual Basics

As men are frequently confused in the spiritual life, they want the basics. For the Christian, this becomes summed up in Jesus Christ. However, few men feel they actually find fulfillment in His promises, and believe they are not doing the right things. Many feel stuck in a rut they cannot easily dig out. The Savior lived in an identity of a Son, and moved in a journey that men should follow closely. Among other things, moving in the footsteps of Christ and praying the way He did stand as key to a sound spiritual journey. 

 In this set you will learn:

* How to forge a solid path in the face of personal obstacles

* Spirituality is more about who you are, not what you do

* Genuine freedom lies in embracing identity in Christ 

* Ways to dig out of the negativity men often hold onto

* Significance of becoming the “Best Version of Christ”

* Why glorifying God is the only true way to fulfillment

* What it means to take on the “easy” yoke of Christ


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Customer Reviews

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