Summons to Chivalry

Dr. Chavez explains that, deep within, men want to sacrifice for a great cause. They aspire naturally to display courage and bravery. He details how the chivalric ideal was a great contribution to Western civilization, influencing men to embrace nobility and honor. Dr. Chavez teaches how honor is the link that binds the many traits of chivalry. In an age of cowardice and dishonor, heroism and nobility become despised. Instead of glorifying present day heroes, often society exalts the lewd and despicable. Restoration of chivalry stands vital for these and other reasons.

In this set, you will learn:

* Why embracing a “Code” remains central for a Knight

* Ways men lacking courage can surmount their fears

* Common elements found in medieval Codes

* How “courtly love” becomes attributed to chivalry

* Why a chivalrous warrior is at once fierce and gentle

* Manner in which Chivalry and Christianity are linked

* How keep a good frame of mind in face of modern evil

* What key lessons endure from warriors in the Bible

“Take the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day” (Eph 6:13) 

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    Customer Reviews

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